Huntsman to Speak at Democratic Convention?

Breitbart is reporting that Jon Huntsman, former Republican governor of Utah and ambassador to China for Barack Obama, will speak at the Democratic Convention early next month in Charlotte, NC.


So, first the guy stabs the GOP in the back to work for Obama. Then, he stabs Obama in the back to run against him. And now Huntsman’s political circle-of-life is complete; once again, apparently, stabbing the GOP in the back to campaign for Obama.

At first, the idea seemed like something out of fiction. No, weirder than that, because even Aaron Sorkin couldn’t come up with such a convoluted plot device. But, the information came to me from a very high-ranking Republican official who assured me the information came from “very credible sources.”

If the information is accurate, it does provide a telling context for Jon Huntsman Sr.’s out-of-the-blue attack today on Mitt Romney’s taxes and rumors that he is the “source” for Harry Reid’s wild allegation over those taxes. And let’s not forget that one of Huntsman’s daughters recently announced that she would switch to the Democrat party.

Mike Allen reported today that the Democrat convention would feature “prominent” Republicans. My information and the actions of the Huntsman clan over the past two days suggest that Huntsman has once again returned to Obama’s fold.

If this is the Democrat’s idea of a “prominent Republican,” I wish them luck at the convention.

Huntsman was unhappy with many of the GOP’s positions on issues — healthcare, climate change, taxes, and the deficit to name a few. Any chance that he will now participate in a dialog of any kind on these or other issues is gone, if he shows up at the Dem convention and criticizes Romney.


Comparisons will inevitably be made with Zell Miller, former Democratic Georgia governor and senator, who wowed the 2004 GOP convention with a rip-roaring, stemwinder of a keynote address. It is unlikely that Mr. Huntsman will be able to “wow” anybody — except, perhaps himself since he appears to think quite highly of Jon Huntsman. Miller supported George Bush in 2004, but Huntsman has not declared his support for Obama — yet. In fact, after he dropped out of the presidential race, Huntsman endorsed Romney. Miller gave speeches and wrote op-eds urging the Democrats to return to the political mainstream and eschew the politics of the far left. If Huntsman, as expected, criticizes the GOP for “extremism,” at the convention, he will achieve the unenviable status of being persona non grata in both parties, since the Democrats won’t have much use for someone who opposed Obama, supported him, opposed him again, and now appears ready to embrace Obama at the convention.

One thing is sure: Huntsman won’t even be able to get elected dog catcher in Utah on either ticket if he speaks at the Democratic convention.


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