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Kerry: Romney's Bought Into 'Every Far-Right Cockamamie Concept' from 'Gong Show Primaries'

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) predicted on Don Imus’ show today that President Obama will win re-election because Mitt Romney “has bought into every far-right cockamamie concept that was out there in those Gong Show primaries, and he’s committed to those things.”


“And a lot of the people that come with that are going to be part of that administration,” he added.

Kerry said he was confident that Obama can win in November. “I think it’s going to be close, because mostly he’s running against an economic condition that he didn’t create,” he said.

Imus noted later in the interview that it was “disturbing and sad” that Kerry was still trying to go after George W. Bush.

“I’m just telling you where Obama started,” the senator replied.

Imus, who voted for the senator in 2004’s presidential election, told Kerry that he would be voting for Romney, and “going to vote for him twice if I can.”

“Well, if you go to Ohio or some places, you may be able to,” Kerry responded.

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