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Virginia Democrat-Supporting Group Accused of Attempting to Register the Dead, Infants and Cats and Dogs to Vote

On Tuesday the Mitt Romney campaign requested that Virginia Attorney General investigate a group called the Voter Participation Center. The group, which is a project of the Women’s Voices Women’s Vote organization, has been mailing voter registration forms to Virginians with pre-populated fields in the forms. The forms have been addressed to children, the deceased, felons and even pets, but the forms say that they have been sent because the VPC has determined that the recipient is eligible to vote. Its mailings have raised serious, widespread concerns of potential voter fraud in the swing state.

The Romney campaign’s letter to AG Kucinelli (linked here) spells out several of the potential and serious crimes that these forms suggest, including: Virginia makes it a felony to “intentionally solicit multiple registrations from any one person or intentionally falsif[y] a registration application.”

According to the VPC’s web site, it is a Tides Center project since 2003. The Tides Foundation has long been associated with leftwing causes and Democrat heavyweights including Teresa Heinz Kerry. The VPC’s founder is Page S. Gardner, a long-time Democrat campaign operative who also blogs at the Huffington Post. In an unsigned post on the VPC web site, the group claims that its forms, which include real information about voters and non-voters alike, are the result of a “mistake in the mailing list.” In another post, the group boasts of having sent out 200,000 forms in June 2012 alone.

At the Tatler we have been keeping an eye on this story for several weeks. There is more to come. Stay tuned.