New Photo Caption Contest: Obama HOPE Posters Peeling Off The Wall

Walking through a small hotel lobby in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, I spotted this provocative piece of art hanging on the wall.

My husband said he was surprised that a hotel lobby just a mile from the White House would display such art that one could argue, somewhat defaces our Beloved Leader.


But I immediately knew I was staring at the subject of the next Tatler Photo Caption Contest and whipped out my smart phone to capture the image.

So Tatler fans, it is now up to you to write the appropriate caption for this photo of framed art from an Washington, D.C. hotel lobby that shall go unnamed.

To start things off, here is my entry:

It’s time for a change when HOPE peels off the wall.

Not bad, but Tatler photo caption contest regulars can do much better than that. So plug in your creative juice machines and let it flow.

Now, if you are a submitting a caption for the first time the only rules are “be nice and stay classy”, because the media has been known to watch and report about our little contests.  In other words, try to keep your personal crazy train from going off the rails.

Besides the great honor and glory that is bestowed upon the winner in a future post, the caption writer receives an all expense paid trip (using your own credit card) to the Washington, D.C. hotel lobby where the artwork resides (or at least did until this photo caption contest was announced).

Good Luck and HOPE you win!











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