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Netanyahu: Iran Gets Away with Murder 'Because Nobody Names and Shames Them'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this morning on Fox that clear links have been established to last week’s bus bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists and Hezbollah and Iran.

“I mean, the whole world can see who it is,” Netanyahu said, outlining parallels between Bulgaria and a Hezbollah operative caught preparing a similar attack at the same time in Cyprus. “…I know, based on absolutely rock solid intelligence, this is Hezbollah and this is something that Iran knows about very, very well.”

He said Israel is sharing that evidence with “the appropriate agencies, friendly agencies in the world.”

“How could Iran be doing this and getting away with murder literally? It’s because nobody names and shames them,” Netanyahu said.

“These acts, these attacks on a busload of tourists, including a pregnant mother, tells you what kind of people we are dealing with,” the prime minister continued. “Now, imagine these people who are capable of doing anything, imagine them possessing nuclear weapons. People who gun down innocent people, will send suicide bombers who could block the straits of Iran, who threaten to annihilate Israel, who murdered diplomats, who have taken over your embassy, you want these people to have atomic bombs? I think — I think this is a reminder, this wave of terror attacks, that the world’s most dangerous regime must not be allowed to have the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

Netanyahu began his Fox segment by sending his condolences to Americans affected by the Aurora theater massacre.

“I think if any people on Earth that empathize with the Americans at this time, it’s the Israelis because we’ve been through so much of this and you’ve always stood by us in our grief and we stand with you,” he said.

On CNN State of the Union this morning, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said that under the Obama administration, “relations have never been worse” between the U.S. and Israel.

“Everybody knows that relations with Israel have never been worse, beginning with the demands for a freeze settlement back at the beginning of the Obama administration,” McCain said. “The president sends his national security adviser and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Israel to tell them not to attack Iran, thereby weakening Israel.”