US Air Commits Facebook Fail

As you may have read here and here and elsewhere, US Air is attempting to force a merger with American Airlines and is using its leverage with Big Labor to make it happen. Big Labor is using backdoor negotiations with US Air over American’s objections, which been using its bankruptcy process to get back on its feet and remain an independent carrier.


Well, some genius at US Air decided to take its hostile merger plans to the pages of Facebook. The airline posted the following image on American Airlines’ Facebook page. It shows US Air’s CEO Doug Parker alongside representatives from American’s unions: John Conley, Captain Dave Bates and Laura Glading.

Why wasn’t it captioned “Quislings for Big Labor”?

Well, fans of American and its Facebook page took exception to the aggressive post. One outraged American fan commented “That’s very brazen of you to post this on American’s wall. There are plenty of loyal AA customers on there that don’t want this merger to happen. I’m saying ‘No wAAy to a AA/US Merger.’ It’s all smoke and mirrors folks!”

And shortly thereafter, US Air’s new media team did a very old school thing and attempted a cover-up: They pulled the photo.

But it’s still available on the US Air Facebook page.


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