Where in the World is the President's Jobs Council?

You’d think a lifelong politician could at least build a fine busywork generating, window-dressing bureaucracy, but Barack “You didn’t build that” Obama didn’t even build a successful jobs council.


President Barack Obama’s Jobs Council hasn’t met publicly for six months, even as the issue of job creation dominates the 2012 election.

At this point, the hiatus — which reached the half-year mark Tuesday — might be less awkward than an official meeting, given the hornet’s nest of issues that could sting Obama and the council members if the private-sector panel gets together.

That’s a pretty positive Politico spin on the fact that Obama’s own jobs council isn’t, in fact, doing its job. The “hornet’s nest of issues” comes down mostly to the fact that the council, which is composed of quite a few successful business leaders, and the president do not agree on what to do about the economy. After Friday, those business leaders also might have a new thing or two to say to the president.

The Romney camp wasted no time in highlighting the contrast between the inactivity of the Obama jobs council and the splendid job that Obama is doing flying around the country for campaign appearances. The score is Obama campaign appearances 106, to 0 jobs council meetings over the past six months.


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