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For the First Time In My Adult Lifetime, I Am Not Proud of My Country

Riffing on Michelle Obama’s 2008 quote, but seriously. Look at this crap. These are the 2012 US Olympic opening ceremony outfits.

Glenn says these uniforms look like something from an SNL skit in which America has turned into a gay dictatorship. Hard to argue with that, except to note that it’s not entirely fair: Gay men dress better than this. And look at the frumpy neck thing on the female uniform. Is she supposed to look like a 90 year old librarian in a cheap stewardess Halloween costume? Are the men supposed to look like snappy waiters on George Hamilton’s yacht?

As for the beret, it is possible to look tough while wearing one.

Ralph Lauren wasn’t quite going for the John Wayne look with that colorful striped sash on the hats, though.

These uniforms are a total fail, no matter where they were made. That they were made in China is just the second reason to put them in a pile and burn them.


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