Biden: Imagine a SCOTUS with 'Six Scalias on the Bench'

Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd of about 300 in Park City, Utah, last night that the Republican presidential hopeful isn’t concerned about education.


Biden said education is essential to “building the future of the country,” according to the White House pool report.

“For Mitt Romney and his allies, education does not play a very important role in the future. They’ve basically given up on the public school system,” he said.

He also slammed Romney for the former Massachusetts governor’s stance on Iraq withdrawal. “Mitt Romney thinks that is a tragic mistake,” Biden said, saying that Romney believes America should keep 20,000 troops in Iraq. “Mitt Romney says we should stay there, period.”

Biden said when President Obama took office the U.S. had a “foreign policy where we were not respected by our friends or feared by our enemies,” and the president changed that.

“These guys have a social policy out of the ‘50s,” Biden added of the Republicans. “Close your eyes, I’m not being facetious, and imagine what a Supreme Court would look like after four years [of Romney],” he said. “Imagine what it will look like for women with six Scalias on the bench.”

Of the jobs outlook, Biden said, “We’re in a trough now, but it’s still growing.”

Before taking any questions from the crowd, the vice president had the press pool escorted out.


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