Former Air America Host: 'I Hate This G-ddamn Country!'

You probably haven’t heard of Nicole Sandler. I hadn’t. She had a show on Air America, the liberal talk radio network that paid its marquee hosts a lot of money to do nothing, paid its less known talent very little, generated no ratings and went belly up. Oh, it also pilfered money from a local kids club to paper over its financial problems.


Since the network folded, Sandler has had a hard time finding a job in the Obama economy. And that’s your fault, America.

NICOLE SANDLER: I’ve made no secret of the fact that since Air America went off the air I’ve been struggling. You know, that was my last steady paycheck. January, well it was before then, Jan. 21st 2010 was when Air America went off the air and at that time they owed me about, you know, a month’s worth of pay. So, it was about a month before that that I got my last steady paycheck.

…. And although I do all these odd jobs and thank God for Randi and the fill-in work I get here, it’s tough to make ends meet. And I told you that I pay through the, yeah, for health insurance, about $1,200 a month with a two hundred, a two thousand dollar deductible before the insurance company even kicks in a dime. So that stretches me to my limits, if you know what I mean. And I had something I needed to go to the doctor, but honestly I put it off because I still had to meet the deductible. And in a bit of a crying fit, I screamed out I hate this G**-damned country! How can I live in a place that let’s people go broke because they get sick?!


Sandler gained a little notoriety in 2011 for disrupting an Allen West event in Florida, getting herself arrested. Applying liberal logic, since West is black and Sandler disrupted his event, she is a racist.

As for her rant, Sandler is actually going broke because she made a poor career choice, everyone who knew anything about radio fully expected Air America to fail, and because she supports a president who hasn’t the first clue how to grow an economy. So she really ought to hate herself. (h/t Newsbusters)


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