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President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts Photo Caption Contest

The fact that Supreme Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote upholding Obamacare means it is time for another world famous Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

These two leaders have not only made history this week with the Affordable Care Act ruling but they also have a very interesting personal history.

First, in 2005 then Senator Obama voted against  the Supreme Court nomination of John Roberts.

Second, in 2009 at Obama’s inauguration Roberts garbled a few words of the presidential oath while administering it to Obama.

Our caption contest photo is that of Roberts’ issuing the presidential oath again the next day, to President Obama in the White House Map Room.

Surely, this was an omen of future history to be made that has now been fulfilled with Roberts’ surprise ruling, one that many are saying has saved Obama’s presidency.

(However, this writer disagrees with that sentiment.)

Now, the only rule of this new contest is to BE NICE and follow the PJM Guidelines for comment submissions because, as noted in our last photo caption contest winner’s post, there is a certain reporter at Politico who actually reads and writes about our photo caption contests. Therefore, we must not give him any reason to poke fun at all our passionate, highly educated, and amazingly creative Tatler readers.

The winner of this photo caption contest will receive absolutely nothing except accolades in the winner’s post, which of course are priceless.

Good luck and stay classy!


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