Pat Buchanan: 'We're Headed for Gettysburg' After the ObamaTax Decision

Appearing on America’s Morning News today, America’s leading populist Pat Buchanan had strong words for the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the health care law’s individual mandate as a tax. Calling for “absolute unity” behind Mitt Romney as the GOP’s presidential nominee, Buchanan assailed Chief Justice John Roberts for making America “safe for socialism.”


“This is truly historic,” Buchanan said. “I can see what Chief Justice Roberts wants. He wants the Supreme Court to step up and away and outside all of these partisan battles they’ve had…the Gore Bush election of 2000 and the Citizens United…I think he wants it to move up and away and be more of an umpire, but in doing this I think he has stretched the Constitution.”

Buchanan praised Mitt Romney’s reaction to the Thursday ruling, and said that the Republicans have to have “real clarity” on what will be a winning issue for them in the fall. “If the Republicans…are gonna mope about what Chief Justice Roberts did, I think we will lose an opportunity. But there’s no doubt…we are headed for Gettysburg,” referring to the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3 1863, a Confederate defeat that was the turning point of the Civil War.


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