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Winner of the Obama Morphs Into Nixon Photo Caption Contest

                                                                                                                       photo credit @rdbrewer4 

Thanks to all you loyal Tatler fans who posted entries in the Nixon Morphs Into Obama Photo Caption Contest that boasted the most entries of any photo caption contest to date.


This contest also had the honor (?) of being the subject of an entire Politico blog with the title: Ground rules for the comments section. Dylan Byers, who writes about the media for Politico, voiced his editorial opinion after describing our little photo caption contest:

The right’s unyielding obsession with the Nixon anology (sp) is a story in itself, but equally fascinating are PJ Media’s guidelines for the comment section, where readers are supposed to enter their captions:

Then Mr. Byers proceeds to list PJ Media’s five comment writing guidelines that our readers USUALLY abide by.  Mr. Byers ends his post writing:

Good luck with that.

Well, good luck is exactly what we had because all the winners and non-winners did in fact abide by the comment guidelines. So thank you all for behaving yourselves and I will be sure to let Mr. Byers know that PJ Media readers do indeed have an “unyielding obsession with the Nixon analogy” and, to prove it, I might take up the suggestion offered by a contest entry that reads: Think this is scary, wait till you see the Martha Mitchell/Eric Holder morph.

Now, with housekeeping behind us, let’s get to real business of this post.

Our panel of VIP judges were challenged while trying to pick a winner because there were numerous entries that deserved to be in the winners circle.

Here are the best of the best.

People have got to know whether their President ate a dog or not. Well, I am not a cook


Submitted by Steven

Leave me alone.

Submitted by Mike

People have got to know whether or not their president’s a Marxist. Well, I’m not a Marxist.

Submitted by weo

After 100 golf outings, he’s tanned, rested and ready!

Submitted by Abe Froman

The Man Who Opened China’s Wallet.

Submitted by Lili von Shtupp

Come November, You Won’t Have Me to Kick Around.

Submitted by Mike

I am not a crock.

Submitted by Gallus

If I had a son with Nixon, he would look like this.

Submitted by Blackgriffin

 You won’t have this Kenyan to kick around anymore!

Submitted by GottaGoBama

The One is Nixon(ian!).

Submitted by John Casteel

Do you know how hard it is to outdisgrace a Nixon/Agnew ticket?

Pardon me? Sorry, this time Ford didn’t participate in the bailout.

Think this is scary, wait til you see the Martha Mitchell/Eric Holder morph.

I am not a crock.  (Second time this was entered)

Quaker and Faker, from Milhouse to millstone around the neck of the Constitution.

1968-2008, every 40 years we have to remind ourselves why we fought the tyranny of a king.

Dick and Barack both end in ck. Look who we just elected. Awwww –ck! (Fill in the blanks)

No wonder this guy didn’t like Joe the Plumber, none of these guys likes to be caught with the plumbers.

The above eight entries were all submitted by cfbleachers.

So now you know why picking one winner is so difficult. But here goes.. and the winner is:


The Nattering Nabob of Narcissism

Submitted by J.J. Sefton

Congratulations J.J.!

For those readers who may not understand why this entry is so clever, here is an explanation. Also you can Google the phrase “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism” if the first explanation leaves you wanting more.

As mentioned in the contest post, J.J. will receive a vintage TIME magazine with a Watergate era cover story from my personal collection. These magazines have been traveling around with me since college and the mailing label is my freshman dorm where, thankfully 38 years later, I no longer reside.  So J.J., please send an email to bryanp — at — pjmedia — dot — com with your contact information and I will send you the valuable prize of TIME that you so richly deserve.

See you all next “Time” a real photo or a created image is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.









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