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'Gentlemen, Take Tips:' Obama Offers Tips to Win a Woman Like Michelle

Should that be the sort of woman you seek, I guess. Last week Michelle Obama offered up Barack as the National Husband for his snow shoveling exploits. The Daily Mail reports on what may be the Obama campaign’s creepiest fundraising tactic yet.

The Obamas gave an interview recalling the first time they went out for dinner as a promotion for a competition the president’s campaign is running, offering winners the chance to dine with him and his wife.

The 1 minute 40 video clip posted online begins with Michelle Obama recalling: ‘It was a cool date, we spent the whole day together, he was showing me all facets of his character. We went to the Art Institute.’

At which point Barack Obama, wearing a white shirt and striped tie, nods enthusiastically, points his finger at the camera and says: ‘Art – guys out there, it impresses people.’

The president continues: ‘Then we went to see Do The Right Thing’ 

And Mrs Obama nods saying ‘Spike Lee – it had just come out. ‘

Not exactly a date flick, that. Very racially and politically charged.

‘He showed all the sides – he was hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive. The fountain – nice touch,’ she continues.

‘The walk – patient,’ she adds.

Mr Obama grins, shrugs his shoulders, looks at the camera and says ‘Take tips gentleman’ before winking.

The interview coincides with a competition his Obama For America campaign have launched which offers winners the opportunity to have ‘dinner with President Obama, along with a guest of your choice and four other supporters.’ 

Inquiring bloggers want to know, when did Barry first disclose his taste for canine fare?

Here’s the cringe-worthy date night video. It’s of a piece with the cult of personality the Obama campaign is hopefully failing to build.

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