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Dueling Speeches in Ohio (Updates and Closing Thoughts)

President Obama was about 16 minutes late starting his speech in Ohio today. Mitt Romney moved his speech up by 10 minutes. The operative word is “decisive.”

Update: The president’s operative word seems to be “fundamentally,” as in “fundamentally different views” on how to fix the economy. He’s right about that, but his vision is not a majority vision.

Update: The president went, again, into detailing his version of the past (omitting his own role in the subprime mess entirely) and offered nothing new. So Fox cut away from him. That speech won’t reboot anything.

Update: Obama: “We’re producing more oil than we have in a decade!” Democrat audience reaction: Silence.

Update: So much for cutting spending on anything. The president just said he would take “half the money we’re spending on war” and use it to build roads and bridges. Why didn’t he use the 2009 stimulus to do that?

Update: President who ships jobs overseas complains about businesses shipping jobs overseas. And then he called for a tax hike on the “rich.”

This is all the Obama Boilerplate Special.

Update: The president closed with a call for everyone to “pitch in.” Frankly, coming from him, such a call is offensive. We do pitch in, every day, in our jobs if we have them, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our churches. Our military volunteers pitch in to defend us. While we’re all pitching in and getting less and less for our efforts, this pencil necked president is telling our churches what they can and cannot do and violating their beliefs. This president who never held a real job is calling for small businesses to shoulder higher taxes and terrifying liabilities if they hire anyone. This president is threatening to cut our defenses so he can dole out yet more money to his union pals. This president, whose chief job before politics was as a community shakedown artist, is in no position to tell anyone anywhere to pitch in. He has never pitched in a day in his life.

He is an actor and a fraud. Today’s reboot was a flop.