The PJ Tatler

2012: Will ALL States Be in Play?

Democrats must be “runnin’ scared,” as the old political saying goes, reading today’s Rasmussen Poll showing Romney up in Wisconsin 47-44, a state Obama won by fourteen percentage points in 2008. That’s a, count ’em, seventeen point swing and makes one wonder if all states might now be in play, even those thought to be in the blue Democratic bag. If the economy gets any worse, they may well be. And if it merely stays the dreadful same, things don’t look very good for Obama either. Despite the blather of Carville and Greenberg, Obama doesn’t need a rebooted campaign; he needs a rebooted economy. And, short of a miracle, it doesn’t look like he’s going to get it. In the short run, look for the mainstream media to ramp up their lies about the economy big time. Let’s hope the public doesn’t buy it. I don’t think they will.