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Trump on Maher Comments: True, We're Not That Exceptional ... Anymore

Donald Trump said last night that he agrees — in his own way — with Bill Maher’s Friday statements about “American exceptionalism” being absent as the U.S. is a stupid country.

“Exceptionalism can be wonderful. I wish we were exceptional. We’d like to be exceptional. I think we can be exceptional again,” Trump said, going into a pitch for Mitt Romney.

“When he mentions the fact that we’re a stupid country, I assume he’s talking about how Obama is running it because we have become a country that is not very well respected, and in many ways, is stupid,” he continued. “When you look at what’s happening with OPEC, when you look at what’s happening with China, the way they’re just stripping our money from us like we’re babies, we are really becoming a stupid country.”

Trump said that in the past, “it was great when we were a rich country.”

“We’re not a rich country anymore. A lot of bad politicians have seen to it we’re not rich. When you are not rich, when you don’t have money, when you have to go borrow the money, we can’t afford to do what we are doing,” he said.

The tycoon was also asked about Maher’s comment that Mormonism will be America’s religion in the next 100 years because it’s “a stupid religion and a stupid country, they were made for each other.”

“He is a comic, but that is really not funny. And frankly, it’s amazing,” Trump said. “And if the other side referred to someone’s religion, as an example if a nice conservative Republican said something about another religion, I won’t even say which one, but let’s say another religion, there would be hell to pay on the front page of every newspaper tomorrow.”