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Milwaukee Police Investigating Multiple Death Threats Directed at Gov. Scott Walker and Family

As the recall results poured in and served as a tonic for free souls, liberals took to social media to threaten to kill Gov. Scott Walker. According to the Northwestern, Milwaukee police now say they’re looking into the threats.

An email from police department spokeswoman Anne Schwartz says all threats are handled seriously and can be a criminal act. Schwartz declined to elaborate.

MPD says the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation is also looking into the threats. DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck says the agency investigates any and all threats.

The Northwestern’s story is about as incomplete as it could be. Twitter was flooded with death threats Tuesday night, as many liberals put their names to the idea of killing a political opponent.

“Somebody gone kill Scott Walker man,” read one tweet posted by user @PureeSCRUB.

“Someone from the NRA should shoot Scott Walker in the head, GTA-style,” said another user referring to violent video game Grand theft Auto.

“Scott walker will die within the next week ive already payed for the hit,” boasted a twitter user with the handle @caleb_white

Safety concerns have followed the historic vote.