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Jill Biden: Barack Wouldn't Have Picked Joe if Joe Wasn't Presidential Material

Jill Biden said on CNN today that it would be natural to think of a 2016 presidential run for her husband.

“I think Joe would be a great president,” Biden said. “I supported him twice in 1987. I was out there campaigning.”

Jill Biden, who married Joe Biden in 1977, also noted that she supported his primary bid in the last presidential campaign.

“Of course, Barack must have thought he would be a good president, too, or he wouldn’t have chosen him as vice president,” she said.

She also brushed off the recall results in Wisconsin. “Well, you know, we were disappointed by the outcome, but look what this administration has done. I think that’s what sometimes gets lost. We have increased jobs. I’m an educator. Barack and this administration have done incredible things for higher ed. I’m a higher ed teacher.”

Biden added that the GOP “certainly is not the Republican Party I grew up with.”

“I think the parties are really disparate and probably the Republican Party has gone way far right than it has gone before,” she said.