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If Voter Fraud Isn't a Problem, Why is Eric Holder's DOJ 'Monitoring' the #WIRecall?

We all know why, but it’s still worth asking the question.

The U.S. Justice Department says it will monitor elections in Wisconsin and three other states this week to ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act. The law prohibits discrimination in the election process.

Unless the New Black Panthers are standing around with billy clubs or ACORN-like groups are pushing thousands of fraudulent voter registrations. Then Holder’s DOJ lends a helping hand.

The federal agency said Monday it will send federal observers to the city of Milwaukee, which is required to provide assistance in Spanish.

The officials will monitor polling places during Tuesday’s recall elections, and Justice Department attorneys will maintain contact with local election officials.

Of which party?

Given Holder’s public stance on voter ID (against), on cleaning up voter rolls (also against) and the administration’s views of the Wisconsin recall (very much for), DOJ sending in “monitors” amounts to intimidation as far as I’m concerned.

Wisconsin’s elected officials don’t appear to be taking Holder’s aggressive stance passively.

Wisconsin’s attorney general also plans to send state investigators and lawyers to the polls to discourage fraud. Those officials will help ensure that voters comply with state election laws.

Wisconsin’s attorney general is J.B. Van Hollen, and he’s a Republican.