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George Zimmerman's Bond Revoked

The Fox story about the judge’s decision to revoke George Zimmerman’s bond, and ordering him to return to jail within 48 hours, is over in Scuttlebutt. The crux: Zimmerman claimed to have very limited assets at his bail hearing, but he had raised $200,000 for his defense through a web site. Bob Owens was watching the proceedings and says that Zimmerman may have destroyed his credibility for no reason at all today.

[T]he State dropped a bombshell, claiming that George Zimmerman hid a second passport, and that he and his wife lied about the money they had at their disposal prior to the bond hearing. Furthermore, they had their poorly coded conversation about the money recorded via the prison phone system.

The passport was deemed an procedural gaffe by Zimmerman’s attorney, but lying about the funds was not, and the judge revoked bail and ordered Zimmerman back to jail. Zimmerman stood a decent chance of getting the case dismissed on self defense, but now that he has destroyed his credibility with the judge, that seems unlikely.