Video: David Axelrod, You're No Col. Jessup

The things a blogger finds on YouTube…

Today Obama henchman David Axelrod tried to have a big press event in Boston to attack Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts. Axelrod had to navigate through a large crowd of Romney supporters, some hoisting signs reading “OBAMA ISN’T WORKING,” to get to the podium. And once at the podium, Axelrod really couldn’t get his message across, what with all the heckling and even an Obama surrogate ditching the campaign’s lame talking points.


So Ax tried heckling his hecklers. That hardly ever works, and now it’s been immortalized.

Ironically, despite what Ax says, it’s his own campaign that can’t handle truth of failure on so many policy fronts that it has to amp up distraction after distraction.

Next up: Somebody sets the Ax press fail to the tune of “Bad Day.”


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