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If Donald Trump is a Problem, Why Isn't Bill Maher?

The Obama campaign is stepping up pressure on Mitt Romney to distance himself from Donald Trump. Romney will appear with the billionaire and TV star at a fundraiser tonight, but Trump’s interest in whether Barack Obama was born in the US provides a handy target and the Obama campaign is hoping to exploit it.

But if Trump is a problem for Romney, then Bill Maher should be a much bigger problem for Obama.

Bill Maher, the former comedian who currently hosts the most Pavlovianly predictable political show on American television, is a bigot. He has called Sarah Palin the c-word, and calls Mormoninsm — Mitt Romney’s faith — a “brow-beating cult.” Maher regularly uses his show to bash and mock Christians, and shortly after 9-11 used his then ABC show to say that the terrorists who murdered nearly 3,000 in the attacks on New York and Washington were not cowards, but that our military behaves in a cowardly fashion when it launches missiles at targets from distance. Our military does that to protect our own forces, which are the most highly trained in the world, and to engage targets with a precision that no other force can match.

Bill Maher has donated $1 million to Obama’s super PAC. Obama has never suggested that the PAC return Maher’s money. Obama has distances himself from some of Maher’s inflammatory, intolerant remarks, but not from Maher himself.

So who is Barack Obama, the man who hired communist and 9-11 Truther Van Jones and Kevin Jennings among other radicals, to tell anyone to disassociate themselves from anyone else?