They're Going to Blame This on Racism

In Kentucky, “uncommitted” kept things interesting in the Democratic primary tonight. Obama won, 57-42. But he was running against air.

The results come on the heels of West Virginia’s Democratic primary earlier this monthwhere a felon incarcerated in Texas took 41 percent of the vote from the president.

In Kentucky, Obama did get more total votes than presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who won the GOP primary with almost 67 percent of the vote.

Obama had more than 118,600 votes to Romney’s approximately 117,100.


Kentucky is red. No chance it will go for Obama in November. So Axelrod and company will float that his poor showing is due to the economy, and his race. And by the way, his race. Not the high unemployment, or the attacks on religious freedom, ObamaCare, the war on coal, none of that. It will be 100%, grade-A

The fact that they’ll be throwing fellow Democrats under the bus? Less than irrelevant.

Update: They’ll blame the Arkansas result on racism, too.


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