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SpaceX Launch Fizzle

PJ Media has has lively debates on space policy (here and here for example.)

An update.  SpaceX, the company headed by Obama bundler Elon Musk failed once again to launch as scheduled this morning the new Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station.  This time the delay this morning was caused by engine issues.

 The launch of a privately owned Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was delayed on Saturday when a computer detected a possible problem with one of the rocket’s engines, a Space Exploration Technologies official said.

NASA retired the Space Shuttle program before a proven American capacity to restock the ISS was operational.

“Just like a pilot at the end of a runway revs the engines and looks at the gauges. We were revving the engines, we were looking at the gauges and we decided not to fly,” Shotwell said, adding that the problem was unlikely to be a sensor issue.

Hopefully it will work next time.  The earliest launch window is now Tuesday morning.