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New Romney Ad Debuts: 'Day One'

At 5 am eastern this morning, the following video went out via email and social networks to 8 million supporters of the Mitt Romney campaign, in both Spanish and English.

The video ad, titled “Day One,” describes what a President Mitt Romney would prioritize as his first actions on his first day in office. President Romney, says the ad, would immediately approve the Keystone pipeline, he would introduce tax cuts and reforms, and he would begin the end of ObamaCare. These priorities stand in sharp relief against the promises of President Barack Obama, who came into office promising job growth, spending cuts and closing Gitmo — none of which the president has delivered on. Obama, says the email that accompanied the video, would move toward a massive tax hike, double down on failed energy policies, and allow ObamaCare to begin in earnest, ushering in tax hikes and stifling economic growth.

According to Romney campaign strategist Russ Schriefer, the ad will begin to air in markets around the country in both language versions this weekend. Schriefer says that the ad debuts at a pivotal moment in the campaign, as many voters are now paying close attention to the race for the first time and their opinions are still being formed. Schreifer added that most Americans now see President Obama as a man who came into office promising so much in 2008, but who has delivered so little, and he has been revealed to be to the left of the American people. “Day One” shows that Mitt Romney’s priorities are right in line with the priorities of a majority of the American people.