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Maxed-Out Race Card Gets Another Play in North Carolina

The president carried North Carolina narrowly in 2008 but is increasingly unlikely to carry it again in 2012. The state’s high unemployment rate has much to do with that, as do the state party’s ongoing sex scandal, the unpopularity of incompetent Democrat Gov. Bev “Let’s cancel the elections” Perdue, and the president’s hostility to right-to-work states such as North Carolina. In other words, it’s the policy and the party, stupid. But you’ll never guess what one big state Democrat sees as the leading cause.

Ok, I lied. You’ll guess it.

“My heart says he will win here, but my head says it’s going to be awfully tough for him,” said Gary Pearce, a longtime Democratic consultant and adviser to former Gov. Jim Hunt. “This is a tight state for him. Race is part of it. The economy is a big problem. Four years ago he was new, he was exciting. He was hope and change. That has worn off now. The glow is gone. It’s going to be tough for him to catch magic in the bottle again.”

Democrats always leap to race to explain their problems. The problem is you, not them. You filthy racist.