VIDEO: UN Observers Appear to Drive Over Syrian Shooting Victims

A new shocking video out of Syria today shows UN observers driving over what appears to be bodies as they flee the scene of a shooting.

One of the Toyotas belonging to the UN observers was damaged by an explosion in the town of Khaan Shaiykoun, in the Idlib governate in the northwest part of the country. No observers were hurt.


The attack showcases what some opposition activists have been saying about the UN observer mission: that their presence just tells Bashar Assad’s forces which area to target next, as the government figures they can take out opponents meeting with the observers.

Activists say Syrian security forces opened fire on a crowd during the visit, killing at least 21 people.

The UN observers were reportedly investigating the shooting when a blast occurred. In the video, at least the last UN vehicle appears to drive right over the bodies of the shooting victims while fleeing.

One tweet from Syrian activists said: “Everywhere the UN observers go, shelling and arrest campaigns quickly follows. Idlib is the latest victim. Tweet #DeathFollowsUN

The hashtag quickly caught on.


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