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On Obama's Desk: Resolution Honoring Agent Brian Terry

The Senate passed a resolution this week on the slain Border Patrol agent in the Fast and Furious case, sending the Brian A. Terry Memorial Act to President Obama’s desk for a signature.

The House passed the resolution authored by Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) before Christmas. It passed in the Senate by unanimous consent Tuesday night.

“The unanimous support with which the Brian A. Terry Memorial Act passed the United States Senate is a tribute to Agent Terry’s career of service to our country and to the Border Patrol’s distinguished history of intrepidity and sacrifice for the sake of homeland security,” Issa said.

The act designates the Border Patrol station located at 2136 South Naco Highway in Bisbee, Ariz., as the Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station.

The resolution notes Terry’s service and Dec. 14, 2010, but makes no direct reference to the gunwalking scandal.

“We recognize that Agent Terry’s untimely passing is a tragedy that never should have happened,” Issa said after the Senate passage. “And while we continue to pursue answers regarding the circumstances surrounding his death, we resolve that his example of bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten – especially in the city of Bisbee, AZ where he served.”

Obama left the White House this morning bound for Washington state for the first of the day’s campaign fundraisers.