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Former AG Mukasey Blasts Eric Holder's 'Soft Headed' Anti-Terrorism Policies

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey delivered a poetic and powerful speech to the Republican National Lawyers Association moments ago. Our source says Mukasey repeatedly stung AG Holder over the department’s relationships and outreach to unindicted terrorist co-conspirators like CAIR and ISNA. He even seemed to admit that his own DOJ was misguided to have any contacts with groups like CAIR. Mukasey warned against the global ambitions of “Islamicists” to impose sharia law worldwide. He said the Holder had no interrogation team in place to interrogate the Christmas Day underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, but spent lots of time working on the potential prosecution of CIA Agents. He directly accused Holder of a “soft headed diffidence” toward Islamic terrorists.

Mukasey’s comments are important because, unlike former AG Alberto Gonzales who has been publicly defending Obama and Holder, Mukasey is eviscerating his successor over national security policy.