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Maureen Dowd Condemns Mitt Romney for Lacking a Hippie Past

NYT columnist Maureen Dowd has wasted lots of pixels over the years, yet she still manages to find creative ways to waste even more. In this week’s column, she takes a bizarre shot at Mitt Romney:

When the Romneys got married and moved to Boston in 1971 so Mitt could attend Harvard, they set up house in a suburb, befriended other young Mormon couples and kept to their cloistered, conservative, privileged, traditional, white, heterosexual circle.

Campuses were roiling with change — feminism, civil rights, antiwar demonstrations — but the Romneys were not part of that. They were throwbacks.

Or, they were the responsible majority. Outside the hippiedom that too many liberals of MoDo’s generation just can’t let go of, millions of Americans got educations, established careers, raised families and built communities. They stuck to tradition and passed it on their children. While the self-righteous hippies indulged and did their best to tear America apart, the Romneys and Americans like them kept the country going. Mitt Romney worked hard and was spectacularly successful. Apparently that’s not cool enough for Maureen.

Woodstock is over, MoDo. Stop living in the past.