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Afrolantica's Haunting Conclusion: 'Let's Get Back to the Struggle'

Part 1: A Guided Tour Through Derrick Bell’s Afrolantica Legacies

Part 2: A ‘Euphoria of Freedom’

Part 3: What Could it Mean to Be White?

Part 4: The Wages of Antisemitism

Part 5: Thomas Jefferson, A Symbol of American Racism

Part 6: Why Meritocracy Must Die

Part 7: Unemployment Creates Crack Dealers

Part 8: We Have a Right to Your Property

Part 9: The Birth of ‘Blackness’

Part 10: Apocalyptic Prophet of Racial War?

Part 11: The Brown-Skinned Joan of Arc

Part 12: Critical Race Theory’s Distortion of Trayvon Martin

Part 13: The Roots of the War on Meritocracy

Part 14: The Marxist War Within the Multi-Racial Family

Part 15: The White Bourgeoisie Conspiracy to Dupe the Black Proletariat

Part 16: The Progressive Faith Vs The Jewish Faith

Part 17: Doing the State Some Service

Part 18: Why Derrick Bell Saw Thurgood Marshall As a Sex Slave

Part 19: The Black Sedition Papers Conspiracy

Part 20: Strange Sex & Human Sacrifice in Bluebeard’s Castle

This is how Derrick Bell concludes Afrolantica Legacies, a final discussion with the idealized female version of himself, Geneva Crenshaw:

“Let’s get back to the struggle” are the final words in a book in which Bell has:

A) Named his utopia “Afrolantica” and decreed it a land where only African-Americans could survive. Thus, in Bell’s imagination utopia is a world without Jews. Bell described the sensation of living in such a place “a euphoria of Freedom.”

B) Defended Louis Farrakhan, antisemitic conspiracy theorist and leader of the Nation of Islam, and promoted the blood libel of Jewish control of the economy.

C) Urged Jews to remain loyal to the progressive cause above defending themselves from antisemitism.

D) Named the Stalinist artist Paul Robeson — who lied to the world about the Soviet murder and torture of Russian Jews — one of our “greatest heroes.”

The word “struggle” finds itself featured prominently in other genocidal antisemitic movements. The infamous title of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography:

Also, the term “Jihad,” defined courtesy of Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan:

What were these men, scattered across cultures but united in antisemitism, struggling with “inside ones self”? Warning: the graphic answer on the next page quotes from material containing profanity and disturbing content.

I concluded my previous post, “Strange Sex & Human Sacrifice in Bluebeard’s Castle,” with this series of questions:

But why does Bell need to express this through talk of human sacrifice, an enslaved wife, and a polygamous husband? Why does he again cast American blacks in the role of a woman doomed to a life of sex with a man she doesn’t love (recall the fifth Afrolantica Legacy)?

The flip side of his imagery of the degraded woman: why does he use Geneva Crenshaw, the idealized female version of himself, throughout his writings? How come the first Afrolantica Legacy presents a beautiful black alien goddess — Chiara, a “brown-skinned Joan of Arc” — coming down from heaven to give Bell his wisdom? How come in the second Afrolantica Legacy Bell made the hero a woman? Why does Bell repeat over and hover how “black women will ultimately save our people”? How come Bell surrounded his Critical Race Theory world with idols of strong females?

Antisemites don’t actually hate Jews. In fact it’s not even the Jewish people who are really their target. Antisemites hate what the Jews created, a cornerstone of Western civilization that now transcends Judaism: ethical monotheism. Antisemites hate the idea that there is only one true, invisible, faceless God and thus one Rule of Law and one standard of behavior for all. They would rather worship the idols they have created. For Bell, he worshiped a mother goddess — a symbol of nature and sex. His political theology reinvents the functions of the fertility cults of antiquity.

If one God doesn’t exist and every culture’s customs and gods are equally valid and should be tolerated — an idol today called “multiculturalism” — then why is child sacrifice wrong? Why is ritual prostitution — religiously-mandated rape and slavery — not permissible?

Yesterday I blogged at PJ Lifestyle about a 9-page letter written by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas in which he accuses actor Mel Gibson of antisemitism, conspiracy thinking, violent anger problems, and shocking sexual fantasies shared with a child. Here’s a very disturbing — but revealing — excerpt exposing a root pathology within the antisemitic mind:

This morning, the Today show interviewed Eszterhas and pressed him for proof of his allegations and wanted to know why he continued working with Gibson after this episode (which he mentioned in non-explicit terms on the show). He answered that there were other witnesses and that his son had shot a video of Gibson’s behavior. He also explained that this was the last straw and after this incident with his son he cut off contact with Gibson.

“I want to — her (Oksana) in the — and stab her to death while I’m doing it” the antisemite says to the 15-year-old son of a colleague. Mel Gibson’s snuff film fantasy has its predecessors: the everyday happenings at Sodom and Gomorrah, where worship of nature meant acting like animals — treating people like objects that exist to satisfy primitive drives.

Fox News reported on Nidal Hasan’s frequenting the modern world’s equivalent of sexual idolatry:

The Army psychiatrist authorities say killed 13 people and wounded 29 others at the Fort Hood Army Base Thursday was a recent and frequent customer at a local strip club, employees of the club told exclusively.

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan came into the Starz strip club not far from the base at least three times in the past month, the club’s general manager, Matthew Jones, told Army investigators building their case against Hasan plan to interview Jones soon.

“The last time he was here, I remember checking his military ID at the door, and he paid his $15 cover and stayed for six or seven hours,” Jones, 37, said.

Related: journalist and blogger Susannah Breslin collects Letters from Men Who Go To Strip Clubs:

I go to Strip Clubs because it’s about control. Isn’t it always about control? In the world we live in control is simply measured by the almighty Benjamin. I have a few hours and few Benjamin’s to pretend I am in a fantasy world where men dictate the rules. As men, we have always been a slave to this desire for control. Would a strip club even exist if it wasn’t for this false promise? In the end strip clubs are just this false promise because even through men like to think we have control, we really don’t.

“I have all this rage and I don’t know why.”

All this casts Afrolantica in a different light. What are we to make of A) Bell’s antisemitism, B) his fantasies of his political enemies in the role of sex slaves, and C) his understanding of American blacks as akin to enslaved wives? And how could this political theology connect with the Obama administration’s public policies?

The video from that started this discussion of Critical Race Theory and this series:

The 28-year-old Barack Obama on Derrick Bell in 1990:

He hasn’t done it simply because of the excellence of his scholarship. Although his scholarship has opened up new vistas and new horizons and changed the standards of what legal writing is about. … Open up your hearts and minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t about sex. It was about idolatry. When secular critics relate the war stories from the Old Testament of the Jewish conquests of Canaan, here’s what they don’t tell you: these other tribes the ancient Israelites went to war against practiced child sacrifice. That’s why they couldn’t be tolerated then and why we must win the war against them today.

Human sacrifice is the end result of any idolatry taken to its conclusion. Worship something other than a variant of the God of ethical monotheism and you’ll end up doing evil things. Worship nature, man-made images and ideas, people and politicians, Harvard professors, one’s own ego… and the result is that people become what they worship — they become death.

Via BreitbartTV at the end of March, the American government now led by Bell’s student Obama refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:

I’ll conclude this series with an excerpt from PJM’s Middle East editor Barry Rubin last month:

President Barack Obama is continuing his love affair with Turkish Islamist leader Recep Erdogan. As Erdogan continues to undermine Turkish democracy, throw hundreds of moderates into jail, destroy the nation’s institutions, help Iran, throw hysterical tantrums about how much he hates Israel, promote Islamism in the region, and is fresh from still another meeting with Hamas leaders, Obama continues to use Erdogan as his guru.

When the two men met at the Seoul, South Korea, Nuclear Security Summit on March 25, Obama practically slobbered over the anti-American ruler, calling Erdogan his “friend and colleague….We find ourselves in frequent agreement upon a wide range of issues.”

When Erdogan goes to elections or is criticized by the opposition he uses statements like this to “prove” that his policies aren’t radical or anti-Western at all. Here’s a man whose regime can help terrorist groups organize a violent confrontation with Israel, preside over a virulently anti-American media, insist Iran isn’t seeking nuclear weapons and has a wonderful government, and then be lionized by the president of the United States.

Obama adds:

“I think it’s fair to say that over the last several years, the relationship between Turkey and the United States has continued to grow across every dimension.  And I find Prime Minister Erdogan to be an outstanding partner and an outstanding friend on a wide range of issues.”


Note: an edited version of all 21 posts in one compiled post will come soon for easier navigation. And next week I’ll begin blogging using other books revealing the political idolatry dominating our national discourse today.

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