Presumably then, 'the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' was a paean to Global Cooling

“James Cameron: The Titanic is Like Climate Change or Something,” JWF writes:

For the most part the Titanic special on NatGeo Monday night was an interesting look at the disaster of a century ago. But then moonbat director James Cameron had to go off the rails at the end. Thanks for wrecking two hours of viewing with political screed at the very end, Jim.

Cameron’s final word at the end of the documentary compared the modern system of the rich benefiting from an economic machine that plunges blindly headlong into disaster while the poor suffer the most in the fallout. Cameron compares the machine to global warming and the economic crisis. Unless there is a change, we’ll continue to relive the Titanic disaster, which is based on arrogance and greed regardless of future consequences.

The jump from the Titanic disaster to more metaphorical ideas about the economy and global warming is a bit of a stretch. Worst of all, Cameron comparing this to the Titanic makes these modern threats as unavoidable and dooming as an oncoming iceberg.


Fair enough. So when will Cameron take the pledge and renounce both his industry and his own personal life so that we know he’s serious about his pet cause, and not merely posturing?

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