Obama WH Admits 'Buffet Rule' Has Nothing To Do with Deficit Reduction

Obama is a rank, rigid leftist ideologue. It’s nice to see the White House come clean about that. A little.

The Obama administration is emphasizing “fairness” over deficit reduction in its renewed pitch for the “Buffett rule” ahead of next week’s scheduled Senate vote.

Introducing a minimum 30 percent income tax on millionaires “was never our plan to bring the deficit down and get the debt under control,” Jason Furman, the principal deputy director of the White House National Economic Council, told reporters on a conference call Monday afternoon. “This is not the president’s entire tax plan. We’re not trying to say this solves all our economic problems, all our budget problems.”


It doesn’t solve any of our budget problems. It does nothing but penalize people who have a lot of money and may use that money to create jobs. Obama admitted in 2008 that he doesn’t even care about the impact tax hikes may have on the economy or federal revenues — his definition of “fairness” is paramount.

To borrow a phrase often used by the left, the “Buffet rule” is really an attempt by the left to legislate and impose their morality.

Obama’s campaign is using the chance to lambaste Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, who paid 14 percent according to his 2010 tax forms. During a Monday conference call with reporters, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina called on Romney to release additional tax filings, saying, “The Buffett rule will help make our system reflect our values as all Americans play by the same rules, do their fair share and get a shot at success.”

That should read “make our system reflect our values as liberals.” That’s what these tax hikes are about.


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