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Obama Jumps the Shark with Liberals Sliding Up the Ramp Behind Him

What a week. The president launched a direct attack on the US Supreme Court’s power of judicial review before it has even ruled on his signature law. He had to walk that back a day later, and in the process of doing that exposed, for the second time this week, just how little he knows or understands the Constitution. He swore to uphold and defend that document a little over three years ago, and was once an adjunct professor on the subject, but evidently hasn’t gotten around to reading it. Plenty of time to read the racist rants of Derrick Bell, no time to read the Constitution, or bone up on Marbury vs. Madison. As I write this, the president’s spokesman is reiterating the president’s banal “observations” on judicial review, which have already been torn apart on the facts. The spokesman seems rather put out to have to answer questions regarding the president’s choice to attack the court, and the ill-informed nature of the attack. Some things just can’t be defended.

His original attack on SCOTUS drew fire from the US Circuit Court of Appeals 5th Circuit, which sought clarification from the Obama DOJ as to whether, essentially, he really stands by that attack he launched on Monday (according to the DOJ, he doesn’t, really). Now, some liberal law professor who also doesn’t seem to have read the Constitution is advocating impeaching any justices who vote to strike ObamaCare down. I’m not blogging for effect here — that’s the title of the professor’s post.

Barack Obama had a pretty bad week last week, when ObamaCare came under fire in three days of SCOTUS hearings. He’s on track to have an even worse week this week. And I haven’t even addressed that policy speech he delivered this week, in which he tossed out the bit about the Ryan budget being “veiled Social Darwinism” (while his own party was busy shirking its duty to pass a budget at all). Barack Obama really is a piece of work.

(h/t on the thumbnail photo to Doug Ross)