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Department of Labor Propaganda

The Free Beacon reports:

Government-financed political propaganda at the Department of Labor is causing discomfort for some employees.

Signs posted in at least 20 DOL elevators depict Secretary Hilda Solis carrying a bullhorn and rallying alongside the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Free Beacon has learned. Next to the pictures is a quote from Solis that reads in part: “We all march in our own way.”

Sharpton’s “way” of marching includes hoaxes and pogroms, and evidence of money laundering with the mob. Google Tawana Brawley and Freddy’s Fashion Mart. He should never live his crimes down.

There’s more:

“Whether we take to the streets or simply do our work with integrity and commitment here at the U.S. Department of Labor… we are all marching toward the same goals: safe workplaces, fair pay, dignity of the job, secure retirement, and opportunities to make a better life,” the poster states.

It concludes with a call to action.

“I believe in the power of collective action. We all play a role. We all march.”

And in lean economic times when the president insists we cannot cut spending anywhere, we all pay for this.

Such overtly political posters, featuring a very controversial figure who is now a cable talk show host, create the appearance of a commercial endorsement and could create a blatantly hostile work environment. Both the commercial endorsement and the political messaging are serious issues and this should be investigated by an independent inspector general. Imagine, for instance, if during the Bush years they had hung posters of administration officials appearing with Rush Limbaugh, festooned with clearly political slogans. That’s in the ballpark of what the DoL is doing, only Rush has never led any marches that ended in arson and killing. Al Sharpton has.

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