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Poll: Race Relations at Bottom of Americans' Worries

A new Gallup poll finds that Americans are still mostly worried about the economy while losing little sleep over race issues, illegal immigration or terrorism.

Even drug use ranked over terrorism in the poll that ranks whether respondents worry “a great deal” about 15 issues.

The economy is still the most troubling issue, remaining at a record-high 71 percent from last year. This is followed by gas prices at 65 percent and federal spending/budget deficit tied with healthcare at 60 percent.

When breaking down those worries by party, Democrats put the availability and affordability of healthcare at the top, while Republicans chose the deficit. Independents put the economy on top and were the least concerned of all groups about race relations.

The poll was conducted March 8-11, after Trayvon Martin was killed but before much of the media furor over his slaying began. Still, just 22 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of Republicans said they worry “a great deal” about race relations.

Twenty-eight percent of non-whites said they worried about race relations, while 13 percent of whites said they did. It was the lowest-ranking concern for each demographic.

Gallup concluded that “neither party shows majority concern for crime, drugs, the environment, terrorism, or race relations.”