'We the People. We're Back.'

The Tatler had a correspondent outside the United States Supreme Court today, as the justices inside weighed whether to strike ObamaCare down or allow it to stand. The landmark case has attracted much attention and protesters for and against. Our photoblogger, P. Henry Saddleburr, was among the “against.”


It’s striking, how without me writing a word, you can tell that this was not an occupy protest. Note the civility, the lack of dirt and rapes and feces.

Rep. Paul Ryan, in the house. Or outside the court.

Rep. Allen West was there as well.

Our correspondent estimates that the anti-ObamaCare protesters numbered about 600, while the pro-ObamaCare protesters numbered about 250. Some of the latter were being paid by their unions to protest in favor of the very unpopular law.

Update: After further review, our photobloggers estimate that there were between 2500 to 3000 on the anti- side, and maybe 500 or 600 on the pro- side.

Update: PJ Media’s DC editor, Bridget Johnson, was also there and has filed an in-depth report.


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