From the Senate to the House, A Load of Manure

On this beautiful sunny day in Washington, I was heading from my fourth event of the day, the Americans for Prosperity Hands Off My Healthcare rally, to the fifth event, the House Dems’ Trayvon Martin hearing. Cutting from the upper Senate park to the Rayburn House Office Building meant a straight shortcut across the front of the Capitol.


A motorcade had arrived moments earlier, though, perhaps carrying Joe Biden to chat healthcare mandates with Harry Reid as President Obama had only reached Alaska en route from South Korea by that time. Capitol Police blocked off the area where those cars were parked to pedestrians, therefore turning the shortcut into a bit more circuitous route around the fountain.

As I began to take that route, a cop cautioned me to watch out for the truck behind me. I turned around and saw the vehicle driving on the walk, and as the cop joked, “It’s gonna be like that scene from ‘Back to the Future,'” I noticed it was carrying a heaping load of manure. Starting at the Senate side, it slowly took the path around the fountain to the House side, eventually stopping at some landscaping work on the south lawn.

It just seemed terribly… poetic.


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