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Egyptian Cleric: No to Mother's Day—Even if it Saddens Mothers

Sheikh Yassir al-Burhami, an influential leader in Egypt’s Salafi party—which won some 25% of the nation’s votes, second only to the Muslim Brotherhood—just issued a fatwa banning any participation in Mother’s Day, which is celebrated March 21st in Egypt.

According to Ahl Al-Quran, the context is as follows: A man wrote on Burhami’s website saying that his mother is in need of house furnishings, and his sister wanted him to contribute by helping to purchase the necessities, which they would present as a gift to their mother on Mother’s Day. The man refused, saying “I refuse to participate in anything that involves disobeying Allah”—celebrating Mother’s Day, a Western import, is seen as a sin according to Sharia, which specifically commands Muslims not to imitate the traditions of the infidels—adding that he would pay the money asked of him next month.

His question to Burhami: Which is the sin? Making his mother sad, but obeying Allah, or making his mother happy, but disobeying Allah?

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