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Racist Tea Partiers Don Blackface To Raise Money For RWNJ Charity

Because that’s what the wingers do, right?

Video footage obtained by The Daily Caller shows Hollywood screen legend Tom Hanks and Eagles musician Glenn Frey at a 2004 fundraising auction, playfully interacting with a white man dressed as an African native, complete with blackface makeup and a giant Afro wig.


How delightful of our racially sensitive liberal friends to leap right over the dog whistle they’re so fond of mentioning and get straight to the overt racism.

At this point, “What if a Republican had done this?” practically types itself.

Hanks, of course, has been ostracized from the always-concerned-about-racism community and recently made a foray into soft core political porn.

The actor/director even brought his trademark attention to detail to the costume for this skit.

The 2004 auction’s routine included a white man in blackface, identified in the footage as investment banker James Montgomery, CEO of the Santa Monica, Calif., firm Montgomery & Co. In addition to blackface makeup and the wig, Montgomery wore a leopard-print toga and an arm band made to look like it consisted of animal teeth.

I suppose that we should be grateful that Hanks hasn’t gone full KKK and done something egregious like oppose ObamaCare or insist that IDs be required to vote.

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