Bluebonnets and Caving in the Heart of Texas

Sometimes you just have to get outside. The family and I trekked down to Natural Bridge Caverns north of San Antonio today. That’s where I snapped this pic of a patch of the Texas state flower.


Bluebonnets are to Texas what cherry blossoms are to Japan: a short-lived, beautiful sign that spring has sprung and defeated winter. Not that winter amounts to much here.

Natural Bridge itself is a spectacular cavern, the largest in Texas. If you’re in central Texas and haven’t been, it’s worth the trip. Click the photos below to enlarge them.

The “natural bridge” at the cave’s entrance. It’s a limestone formation left after a sink hole collapsed thousands of years ago.

Going down into the cavern.

Looking up toward the alien ceiling.

This colum is over 50 feet tall.

I snapped all of these photos with my iPhone 4S. The flash makes it a very capable little camera even 200 feet below the earth.


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