Why Shakespeare Shouldn't Be a Political Hack

Sarah Hoyt writes a very good essay:

Why would that identification with current – for any time – political parties/affiliations blunt art?

Because humans are tribal creatures.  ….  Humans are tribal creatures and as such are predisposed to identify ours/not ours.  Writers are human.  ….  If you start using labels and use the labels you identify with, you exclude other people.  Writing from the point of view of the label means, by definition, that the book is going to deal in caricatures.  Caricatures are very well in their place, but the Mona Lisa is not a caricature, nor is every portrait ever painted supposed to be a caricature.  In the same way, though one or two books one reads and likes (when it pulls for one’s side, at least) can be caricatures, we don’t always want to read caricatures.



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