School Employees Don't Want Government-Run Health Insurance

Oh, taste the irony:

A group of educators and their supporters rallied in front of the Skagit County Courthouse in Mount Vernon Monday against a bill they say would undermine their bargaining rights to determine health care coverage.

Senate Bill 6442 would place all of the state’s public school employees under a consolidated health care plan overseen by a new state department.


But opponents disagree, saying it wouldn’t save money, and would “reduce benefits and limit choices” and eliminate “local decision-making about educator health benefits,” according to information from the Washington Education Association.


Aren’t those some of the same things that conservatives said about ObamaCare? I guess to the Washington Education Association, it’s okay to do that to other people, but not to them! After all, the WEA is part of the National Education Association, and the NEA was a strong supporter of ObamaCare and a single-payer healthcare system.

But, when it comes to their own members, all of a sudden it’s time to rally against it! I wonder how many of the educators at that rally also rallied against ObamaCare when it was being shoved through Congress? Personally, I’ll be very shocked if any of them rallied against ObamaCare.

So, one law for the self-anointed elite, and another for the “little people,” seems to be their rallying cry.


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