He’s an amazing talent, he smokes good cigars (which endears him to me), anyone who listens to him with any frequency knows that he’s remarkably good natured (not the nasty hater his enemies’ stereotype suggests) and he has a great flair for political analysis.  Rush is very valuable, and nothing demonstrates his  value so well as the intensity of the attacks against him.


No one who is on the air live for 15 hours a week can possibly avoid error, any more than any of us who blogs several times a week (and we have the advantage of being able to read our own words before we post;  he can’t edit himself, he’s got to get it right the first time), or for that matter any more than our national leaders who misspeak at press conferences, or in debates, or even in prepared statements.  So he’s going to say things that he will subsequently regret.  It’s the nature of the medium. And it’s human nature.

Not one of us can survive a minute-by-minute analysis of our lives.  We have all made errors, we have all done things we wish we hadn’t done, we have all failed to do things we should have done.  It’s part of our common humanity. We’re all sinners.  Rush makes fewer of these blunders than most anyone else on the air, even including the readers of the evening news.

He knows that, he said something he regrets, and he’ll say other things he’ll regret in the future.  As will we all.  He’s acknowledged it and said he’s sorry.


Like others, I think the issue of religious freedom is enormously important, and I think many of the “get Rush” crowd are happy to distract our attention from that issue.

I hope he gets us back to that issue, pronto.  He knows that repeated apologies don’t work, but only offer fresh  blood to the sharks.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep listening and learning.  I think I”ll send him some good cigars, too.


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