Iran: This Guy is Now a GOP Congressman and Running for President

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency has promoted an anti-Israel Cal State Fullerton professor to presidential candidate.

Fars ran this headline on their site today: “Republican Presidential Candidate Praises Iranians’ High Public Turnout in Elections” — and, I confess, my first thought was “Ron Paul?”


Clicking through:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Republic Congressman and Presidential candidate Paul Sheldon Foote praised the Iranian nation’s strong presence on political scenes and their support for the Islamic Republic ruling system, and lambasted the US and the Zionist regime’s belligerent approach towards Iran.

Huh?? Did they add an extra member to the 112th Congress while we weren’t looking?

Foote is a favorite guest of Iran Press TV, as they bring him on to spout anti-Israel stuff from an “American intellectual” point of view, and has a few rants posted online.

“Sanctions are acts of war. Zionist and neo-conservative (neo-Trotskyite) sanctions should make it clear to all patriotic Iranians that they need to unite to fight these evil totalitarians (i.e. Israel and US Neocons),” Sheldon Foote said.

“I have worked in some Arab countries considered to be allies of America. These countries do not have such political involvement,” he said, and added, “In America, political turnout is very low, even for presidential elections.”


I’m guessing turnout will be extremely low for Foote’s presidential hopes (a check of the California Secretary of State’s website shows Roseanne Barr is a candidate, but not Foote). Not even his imaginary district constituents will show up.


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