AOL Quits Rush (Update: Let's Alinsky Carbonite)

The number of cowardly corporations seizing the opportunity to side with the regime against Rush Limbaugh is now at eight.

AOL, the parent company of The Huffington Post, has become the eighth advertiser to pull its money from Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated radio program since he called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, who spoke out in favor of contraception coverage, a “slut” and a “prostitute” last week, according to a high-level Huffington Post source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, but with a distinctly Greek accent.


Well, Arianna Huffington is nothing if not a very successful opportunist. And here was an opportunity to stick it to a political opponent. She’s taking it. It’s in her nature.

We’re at quite a moment in American history. The Obama regime pushed a massive, nation-changing law through Congress along partisan lines and against the objections of the majority of the voters. That law did not specifically empower the regime to mandate that insurance companies must give out a product for free. It did not — could not — empower the regime to violate the first amendment’s protection of religious freedom. But the regime used that partisan, unpopular law to force such a mandate, and has been lying about that mandate ever since. It has characterized opposition to the mandate as a “war on women” and an obstruction to “access” for contraception, when the opposition is a defense of religious liberty. There is no war on women, and there is no problem of access to obtaining contraceptives.

To advance its attack on religious liberty and the right of corporations to set their policies and price their own products, the regime trotted out a young activist to lie about herself and the cost of contraception. She told those lies in Congress, which is a crime. The president called her up to congratulate her for her courageous lying. And now advertisers are abandoning Rush Limbaugh over a few ill-spoken words, identifying themselves with the parade of lies emanating from the Obama regime.


Rush’s calling Fluke a “slut” wasn’t wise, but he doesn’t deserve this. Just last week, Matt Yglesias, Matt Taibbi and other media liberals rejoiced over the death of Andrew Breitbart. Where were the advertisers on that? They were pretending it wasn’t happening.

It’s time to rally for Rush.

Update: Alinsky Rule 13 — Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. If this is all true, then the juiciest target is Carbonite.

Carbonite: Not only is the founder a huge backer of, the company has been losing money hand over fist since inception and forecasts that it will do so for the foreseeable future. A huge percentage of their customers come from Conservative Talk Radio. We can smash this company.

There are many other remote data storage companies out there. If you have Windstream they have a service that is comparably priced to Carbonite. Barracuda Networks offers a variety of services that offer even more options then Carbonite. Here’s a comparison chart for the many firms that offer the same services as Carbonite.

Personally I don’t trust any of these online backups, for the same reason I don’t trust the Apple iCloud: They’re hack magnets. Thrown in that a MoveOn leader runs the company and there’s little reason to trust Carbonite. And there are alternatives to Carbonite if you’re an online backup customer. Carbonite also seems to be the most vulnerable of the eight companies that have abandoned Limbaugh.



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