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Carbonite's Bad Business Decision (Updated)

Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut.” He later apologized sincerely.

Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” He never apologized* for that, sincerely or otherwise.


Carbonite has severed its advertising relationship with Rush. It continues advertising on Schultz’s show.

Rush Limbaugh audience: About 15 to 20 million, on hundreds of radio stations at all times of the day.

Ed Schultz audience: Nearly too tiny to measure, on one cable channel and a few dozen (maybe) radio stations.

On the basis of business alone, Carbonite has made a terrible decision. I know I’ll never use their product now, and the same is probably true for a large number of Rush’s audience once they hear of the Democrat-owned business’ double standard. If there’s a neutral or conservative-owned online computer backup provider out there, they’ll starting getting some new business that Carbonite is destined to lose.

Unless, I guess, Carbonite suddenly picks up some new government contracts…

*Update: I was wrong about Schultz. He apologized to Laura Ingraham after he called her the same thing Rush called Fluke. Carbonite stuck with Schultz. So the double standard is there, and I’ve asked them about it.

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