More Spontaneous Hilarity from the Comical Mullahs

They just staged more phony “elections.”  Supreme Leader Khamenei said that turnout was crucial, because a big turnout would be a “slap” in the faces of the satanic Americans and their toadies.  The results were predetermined, and security forces were sent around the cities to cast multiple ballots.


So far, so good.  Then the regime announced that there had been an epic turnout, even though you could go to Twitter and see many photos of polling places, said to be from Friday, with very few voters.  Some Western “reporters” duly passed on the propaganda.  Some were openly dubious.

But then, on national television, a spokesman from the Interior Ministry responded to a question about turnout by saying the “official” number was around 34%.  (Thanks to the indefatigable Potkin Azarmehr in London for the video clip).

That guy is not going to be promoted, believe thee me.  Unless you think sharing a cell with other “criminals” is a step upwards.

Which is why I have been calling the regime a collection of fanatical buffoons.  Or maybe they’re ALL working for Mossad?


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