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There’s an Andrew Breitbart in Each of Us

Andrew Breitbart pulled off one surprise we didn’t expect when he passed at age 43. But his life serves as a lesson and inspiration to continue the restoration of Liberty.

Ten years ago, I believed gun control would make society safer and more civilized. I voted twice for Clinton and once for Al Gore. I thought the Brady Campaign represented decent Americans, while the NRA was a special interest bully fronting for ee-vee-ill gun companies.

One of my clients––perhaps channeling the spirit of Andrew Breitbart?––asked me some questions about gun control that I couldn’t easily brush off. Back in college, I loved doing research in the library, so I dusted off those skills and set to work. Three years later, I found not one dataset supporting the idea that gun control made society safer. And believe me, I looked: historically, globally, and at numerous U.S. federal government crime databases. (You know, that wonderful government that I thought was there to protect me.) The results are contained in 400 Years of Gun Control.

Going public put me at considerable professional risk. As the developer of an advanced rehabilitative therapy (Nemerov Method) potential students didn’t enroll in my training because they didn’t like what they consider my politics (the civil right of self-defense is a political issue?). One of my most successful business clients warned me not to publish 400 Years because of this, but I decided that remaining silent was to tacitly support the destruction of Liberty, and I didn’t want to live in such a world or be such a person.

I don’t cite myself as an example because I’m extra special, but because I’m not. Making a difference is about knowing your strongest skills and interests, putting them to work, and seeking to improve them whenever possible. Anybody can do this.

It requires more effort than banging out a pithy comment online. It creates more risk than walking to the refrigerator or taking a nap. But “regular folks” can make a difference––perhaps the greatest difference of all: We the People.